Garden Gardening Consultancy

Gardens can be important for nature. Two local ecologists are offering a wildlife gardening consultancy for 2 to 6 hours depending on garden size. In return, they are asking for an advanced donation of £10 to Southampton Transition for each site; they will not receive any of this money. All advice will be in response to the wishes of the participants and reflect both the potential and realities of the specific garden concerned. The coming winter provides a good opportunity to consider how to enhance the wildlife value of your garden in advance of practical work in the spring and beyond.
If you would like to participate in this scheme, contact chair[at]transitionsouthampton[dot]org
This popular scheme is once again available provided social distancing can be maintained

The volunteers will provide between 2 – 6 hours of their time (depending on garden size) to each participant. They will undertake this on a pilot basis to gardens within, approx, one mile of Portswood. This is so that they can easily walk to site if. If the pilot is a success, it will be gradually expanded to other areas. They will provide advice specific to the situation; ie this is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ dump of standard wildlife gardening ideas that anyone can get from TV, books or the internet. As such, they will consider the particular wishes and circumstances of the participant and the characteristics of their site. So, if a person has a postage stamp’ sized garden and they want a wildflower meadow; that may not be the first line of advice! The volunteers have created (and advised upon) wildlife friendly spaces and conservation matters across multiple scales in both the UK and overseas. They are both former research biologists (animal ecology) and are now retired or semi-retired and want to help people green up their gardens at time when wildlife is very much under siege.