Bitterne Park Growing Places Seed Catalogue

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PACK 1: The Indoor Pack

Even if you have no outdoor space, you can still grow your own food. This collection is designed to be grown in pots on windowsills.

PACK 2: Get The Kids Involved

This collection is designed to encourage a love of growing in the younger generation

  • Dwarf French Beans – Amethyst. Low growing so easy for children to pick, and they will love the purple colour of the beans [growing instructions]
  • Patty Pan Squash – Custard White. These easy to grow vegetables look a bit like flying saucers [growing instructions]
  • Pumpkin – Jack O’Lantern – A great variety for carving at Halloween [growing instructions]
  • Sunflower – Giant Single [growing instructions]
  • Sweetcorn – Incredbile – A sweeter variety so children will love eating them [growing instructions]
  • Tomato – Red Robin. A sweet cherry tomato that can be eaten straight from the plant [growing instructions]

PACK 3: Salad Collection

This collection is for those who love their summer salads. All the seeds are easy to grow and for some, sewing a few seeds every couple of weeks will give you crops throughout the season. The set comprises::

PACK 4: Small Space Collection

This collection is designed for those who do not have much space. All the crops can be grown in pots.

PACK 5: The Flower Bed

You can still grow food even if you want to keep your garden looking beautiful. This collection is designed to be grown amongst your other plants in the flower bed or in pots. Some of these plants will also be great for wildlife.

Details of the seeds within the collections

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Basil – British (80263)

Specially selected for growing outdoors in UK conditions. Very robust bright green leaf that is more resistant to colder conditions, won’t discolour and retains its traditional intense flavour. 

Basil – Bosham (80274)

A robust, upright basil with compact mid green flat leaves with a slightly curled edge. Ideal for growing in pots all year round on Windowsills.

Beetroot – Boltardy (10503)

Boltardy Beetroot is the most popular choice for early sowing. Germinates in as little as 5-7 days. Has good resistance to bolting. Produces medium size globe shaped roots of superb deep red with no rings. Plants grow to 45cm high.

Carrots – Early Nantes (11110)

Early Nantes is the favourite for successional sowing with blunt ended cylindrical roots and very small core. It has a superb flavour and beautiful colour this is a firm favourite with most gardeners. This is also an ideal variety to grow in troughs and planters if there is a limited amount of space available.

Chives (80213)

Chives have a mild onion flavour in both the leaves and the edible flowers. It is one of the most popular herbs. Perfect for pollinators. Cut leaves about 2cm from ground level. It grows to a height of about 30cm (12″). It can be added to salads, cooked dishes or potato salads to add a mild onion flavoured edge.

Cucumber – Marketmore 76 (12028)

An old favourite but still a reliable and productive outdoor ridge Cucumber. Thick dark green fruits up to 20cm in length with small white spines and produced in abundance.

Curly kale – Nero di Toscana (10606)

An Italian type of curly kale sometimes known as Black Russian or Cavalo Nero. Tight, long and heavily blistered leaves of dark green. No flowers but leaves will provide a stunning contrast to other plants. Harvest the leaves as you need them, leaving the plant to continue growing.

Dwarf French Beans – Amethyst (30233)

A heavy cropper producing attractive and very tasty 15cm (6in) purple pods of superb quality. 

Globe Artichoke – Romanesco (10102)

The flower buds of the Purple Globe Romanesco have a beautiful purple/dark red tinge to them. The buds are slightly smaller and shorter than Green Globe but a fine flavour and hardier in winter. A gourmet vegetable in Europe. An attractive, thistle like plant, which can grace a flower border as well as a vegetable plot, growing to 150-200cm (59-79″) tall. The flower buds are harvested before they flower. These are also great for bees and insects as they are a great source of nectar! Hardy perennial

Lettuce – Little Gem (12625)

The popular gardener’s choice, Little Gem produces small compact heads of bright green. They are slightly more open than other varieties but outstanding for its flavour.

Lettuce – Baby Oakleaf (12675)

Has all the taste and beautiful texture of its bigger oakleaf siblings in a compact form that’s perfect for small gardens or containers. Leaves can be harvested as required over a long harvest period. Slow to bolt.

Nasturtium – Jewel Mixed (68705)

Lives up to its name. Semi-double flowers in bright colours above small leaved foliage, forms nice size plants. Height 30cm (12″). Leaves, flowers and seeds are all edible. Flowers can be added to salads, leaves made into a pesto and the pickled seeds are an alternative to capers.

Patty Pan Squash – Custard White (12801)

Custard White is what the Americans class as a summer squash. This variety is not for winter storing but is really delicious when enjoyed fresh. It produces creamy white flat fruits with a scalloped edge. The plant has a bush habit. These squash keep for a long time.

Pot Marigold (OH152)

Known to everyone but should be used more. Petals have very delicate taste and will impart orange colour to rice and other dishes. Use flowers in salads. Tincture or ointment of flowers valuable for healing wounds. Seeds itself readily. Height 45cm Single flower.

Pumpkin – Jack O’Lantern (12305)

Jack O’Lantern is the perfect size for Halloween lights and is the traditional pumpkin to be used for carving. The skin is golden orange and the flesh is fine flavoured and deep orange coloured too. A versatile fruit in that it can be roasted, baked, or made into a variety of dishes such as soup, curries or pie. This particular variety stores through the winter and is ready to harvest in about four months from sowing. Can grow up to heights of 45cm

Radish – French Breakfast (13701)

French Breakfast is one of the most famous varieties of radish. This variety produces long roots of red with a white tip

Red Pak Choi (85003)

Pak Choi has been grown in China for about 1500 years. It can be used whole when it grows to about 10cm tall or grown larger so that the individual leaves can be used. Pak Choi can be used raw in salads, but has a more spicy flavour when cooked. Red Pak Choi produces beautifully flavoured red-tinged leaves as the plant matures and has a good disease resistance. You can break off the leaves as you need them so that the plant continues to grow. Red Pak Choi makes a visually different addition to any salad or stir fry.

Runner Bean – Hestia Dwarf (30431)

Hestia dwarf produces beautiful red and white flowers followed by 18-20cm slim, stringless runner beans on bushy plants. The plants themself grow to sizes of around 45cm tall and 30cm wide. It is early to crop and often before standard types of runner beans. Can also be grown as mini veg. Can be grown in pots.

Spring Onion – White Lisbon (13218)

The traditional “spring” onion. White Lisbon boasts long white stems with bright green tops which are slow to form a bulb. Mild flavour. 

Sprouting Seeds – Mung bean (15103)

Mung Bean is the popular Chinese bean sprout. It is a white sprout which can be used in salads and stir fry and numerous delicious Chinese dishes. They can be harvested when they are about 3-4cm long after 4-6 days. If you don’t have a seed sprouter then use a jam jar covered in muslin.

Sunflower – Giant Single (74701)

The variety children love to grow. Tall strong stems topped with bright yellow flowers that follow the sun during the day. This sunflower really does grow into a giant. When the flower heads have faded they can be used to feed the birds.

Sweet Pepper – Poupila (13642)

Sweet pepper with upright fruits that go from light yellow to red. As easy to grow as tomatoes and requiring much of the same treatment. Stunning in pots on the windowsill or on the patio as an edible ornament.

Sweetcorn – incredible (14723)

A sugar-enhanced mid-season variety. Reliable, heavy cropping and an incredible flavour! Plants show good tolerance of common rust helping to keep plants healthy during wet summers.

Tomato – Alicante (14802)

Tomato Alicante produces heavy crops of uniform smooth, medium size fruits of good flavour which are known for maturing quite early.

Tomato – Red Robin (14852)

This is a very sweet and very bright red cherry variety. The plants of Red Robin will grow to about 30cm in height and will continue cropping until late September. This is the ideal variety to grow on the window sill or in pots.