Bitterne Park Growing Places

Next Event: Bitterne Park Seed & Plant Trail
Sunday 19th May, 10:00am – 1:00pm

What is Bitterne Park Growing Places?

What if…Bitterne Park grew enough food to share? Or just had fun growing veg with the kids? In gardens, on balconies, on patios, in plastic bags, in big pots, in planters?

Over the last 3 years, over 480 households in Bitterne Park have grown food together. If you’re interested in joining our growing community you can join our Mailing List or Facebook Group.

Join a Growing Places group

If you would like to learn from other members of the community or have experience you would like to share, please join our Facebook Group to ask questions, answer questions and share your progress and experience. You can also sign up to our Mailing List.

Information sheets

Thanks to Carol Masters for preparing the information sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the seeds or make a donation?
If you bring seeds to the seed swap, any seeds you take home are free. If you don’t bring any seeds to swap we would appreciate a small donation to help us cover some of our costs.

Do I need to have previous experience growing food?
No. This project is for first time growers and experienced growers.

Get in touch – Any questions or want to get involved?

We welcome anyone able to help with organisation, seed distribution, and social media stuff so if you fancy that, drop us a message.

Our Goals

  • Provide communities with the seeds and information they need to grow their own food
  • Connect our communities through the shared joy of growing food
  • Hold a mini harvest festival in Bitterne Park to share our produce!


The project is inspired, by Transition Southampton’s Imagine Southampton, St Denys Front Gardens Plus group, and Rob Hopkins’ book: From what is to What If – Unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want and also by Green Island Veg Economy on the Isle of Wight, whose creation by Holly Masden early in the pandemic envisaged a community growing enough food to share.