What it’s all about…

Our TREEmendous project buys fruit trees in bulk at a reduced price and passes on the saving to local residents and community groups. In the past six years, over 450 fruit trees plus lots of fruit bushes have been planted in the Southampton and The New Forest area through this bulk buy scheme and many trees were donated to local schools and community spaces. The project aims to create more local food in Southampton and create a virtual orchard across the city.

Unfortunately TREEmendous is not operating this year as the TREEmendous team have a few other things on their plates (Polly has had a baby this year and Alex is working overseas). If you are interested in purchasing your own trees then we would recommend our very helpful supplier, Adam’s Apples, who has lots of information on fruit trees and varieties on their website:

If you would like to help continue the TREEmendous project then do drop us a line at chair@transitionsouthampton.

In the past we have offered people in Southampton and the New Forest the chance to get their hands on some bargain priced quality fruit trees and bushes. We have had Apple trees (1yr old – Crimson Bramley, Worcester Pearmain, Katy, Suntan), blueberry bushes, Mulberry trees (Read more about mulberry trees (/index.php/projects/treemendous/31- mulberry-trees)) and pear trees all at very reasonable prices.

Volunteers needed

Our TREEmendous team of volunteers has run like a well-oiled machine for six years! A couple of our key volunteers stepped back from the project in 2016/2017 and so we are looking for one or two new people to get involved in the project this year (2017) to help this successful project run again. If you would be interested to find out more please contact us


Our very helpful supplier, Adam’s Apples has lots of information on fruit trees and varieties on their website:


The apple trees are on MM106 rootstock – producing bush trees growing to 12-15 feet. Trees start cropping in two years from planting and are in full cropping after 5-6 years. Can be grown as a bush tree or trained as cordons or espaliers. Fruit can be grown in the lower half of the tree and can be picked from the ground.┬áThe pear trees are on Quince A rootstock, growing to 15 feet.