Green Gardening Consultancy

This project will continue during the current Covid restrictions.


Gardens are very important for nature.
The coming winter provides a good opportunity to consider how to enhance the wildlife value of your garden in advance of practical work in the spring and beyond.
Local ecologists are offering a wildlife gardening consultation for up to four hours depending on garden size.

The volunteers have advised upon conservation matters in both the UK and overseas. More specifically, they have created wildlife friendly spaces in a variety of settings.
They are former research biologists and are now largely retired. They would like to help people green-up their gardens at a time when wildlife is very much under siege.

The project was first piloted in October 2019 and all feedback has been positive.

Above (left): Area before pond installation. Above (right): Area after pond installation.
The project is still work in progress. Further plantings around the sinks and the pond will obscure all edges and stones.
Larger plants, for pollinators, will be planted to the rear and sides of the sinks.


All advice will be in response to the wishes of the participants and reflect both the potential and the realities of their specific garden.
This is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ drop of standard wildlife gardening ideas that anyone can get from books, TV or the internet.

The advisors will consider the particular wishes and circumstances of the participant and the characteristics of their site. So, if a person has a postage stamp sized garden and they want a wildflower meadow; that may not be the first line of advice!

Deliverables and Future Work

The result of the consultation is a detailed report proportional in size to the options and possibilities discussed. This is delivered as an email attachment.
There may also be supplementary information covering a particular topic as required. This will also be supplied via email.

The consultants are not looking for work. The agents of any change are primarily the participants. Any ongoing green gardening activities and the provision of further information is on a case by case basis.


An advanced payment of £10 must be made to Transition Southampton.
The consultants do not receive any of this money; their services are given free.

How to Participate

The scheme is currently limited to properties within approximately two miles of Portswood (the consultants walk to site).
If you would like to participate in this scheme please contact us using this form.
Thank you