Transition talks on Water at Highfield Church Centre

These talks have now completed. We hope to make the slides available on our website at some point in the future.

Weds 19 Apr Water in the Landscape – Dave Rumble
Wed 3 May Water in the Garden – Kevin Bryan
Wed 17 May Water in the Home – Adrian Pickering
Wed  31 May Water in Everything, Everywhere – Angela Cotton

We face multiple challenges regarding water. Chaotic global weather now impacts us all from the national, through to the regional and down to the domestic. It’s easy to forget about floods when we have droughts and vice versa. Too much or too little and not at the right time or in the right place. There’s now no such thing as ‘waste water’; there’s shortages somewhere. This series of talks takes a deeper look at this important issue. The first talk by Dave Rumble, CEO of the Wessex Rivers Trust was well received, setting the scene for the following talks. Next, ecologist Kevin Bryan considered matters such as rainfall storage and attenuation, the use of grey water, the feasibility of ‘sponge points’ in gardens, soil de-compaction and other approaches to highly localised water management, including practical examples. Then Adrian Pickering, a retired engineer and owner of a nationally-registered ‘SuperHome’ discussed the why and how of water saving, including some real lfe examples which may encourage you to take action. More details on this talk here:

Full details on the Water in the Landscape talk here:
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Full details of the Water in everything, everywhere talk:

All talks at the Lounge, Highfield Church Centre, 6.50 for 7pm start. No need to book, just turn up.
More details on the full series of talks here: