Net Zero – what’s real? Free film and discussion evening 11 April 7.30-9.00pm at October Books

For decades carbon emissions have been rising and the impacts of climate change increasing, but what do we really need to do to reach ‘net zero’? What does net zero actually mean? Can we rely on technologies that don’t yet exist at scale? What behaviour changes are needed?

We will be running a discussion evening based around the Real Climate Solutions videos These six short, clear and well-researched from Cambridge scientists take a comprehensive view of the issues, investigate possible solutions and make recommendations for what needs to be done. We won’t be showing all the films (you can watch them beforehand if you want to, but this is not necessary) but will highlight some key points before introducing a discussion.

You don’t need to book and entry is free, but donations appreciated towards room hire. October Books can be found at 189 Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 2NF. If the door is closed please ring doorbell to be let in.