Two Hopeful & Informative Podcasts

2 hopeful, informative, podcasts both 5X15min on BBC Sounds:

  • ‘English Pastorale’. James Rebanks tells us a lot about the loss of bio-diversity and food quality, pressurised into moving from traditional to industrial farming and the eventual regain by respecting natural systems, taking us through 3 generations of changes on his hill farm. Soil is the basis for all life & an inheritance to pass on.
  • ‘39 ways to save the planet’ with Tom Heap & Dr Tamsin Edwards explores novel ways to reduce impact or repair the damage we’ve done – together with the best possible assessment of the potential impact from Tamsin. A really big one is to educate all girls! 5% I think was could be worth. But for engineering bent there was a hugely improved refrigeration system. Very diverse solutions.