Zoom into a Hampshire Climate Action Network (HCAN) meeting

If you have a chance, book into the next HCAN meeting on Saturday 17-Apr 10:00. It’s never been easier on Zoom. Brilliant for networking and inspiration. Subsequent meeting Saturday 19-Jun 10:00. Find out more on https://www.winacc.org.uk/about-us/action-groups/hcan/. You’ll need to book into the meeting.

I have been getting to most of HCAN meetings since it was formed several years ago (at least 8yrs). They were held typically twice a year and a dozen of us active in some way in climate locally gathered in a different centre (Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke, Alton) and exchanged news of our groups. It has always been well-chaired and really inspiring to hear just how much is going on, how much information and expertise is around e.g.’s a report on Renewable Energy generation in Hampshire (only 1-2% of our electrical use, far below our needed share and most of that from burning waste) from Basingstoke, a climate card painting competition for schools in Lymington, work with local councils on transport policy (not a car policy) in Winchester, a trial of heat pumps in Alton, Air Quality work in Southampton. Tremendous for networking. Personally, I got entrained cycling the school pupils’ cards to COP21 Paris 2015 to be handed to the UN.

In the last 2 years and particularly in this Zoom era, the ante has been thoroughly upped! A sympathetic Hampshire CC councillor has started to be a regular. HCC itself has declared a climate emergency and is setting out a plan. HCAN members have been giving presentations to the HCC on it and continue to constructively criticise it (too slow, too little, missing out some big factors – the usual shortcomings but it’s a start). Meeting frequency has gone from 2 to 3 to 4 or 5 times a year. From a Southampton perspective, HCAN is rather county council oriented but that does not detract from the learning and networking.

I recommend going onto the web site. It is run by Winchester Action on Climate (WinACC). The past minutes are there together with links to many of the national campaigns and government initiatives and commentary on them e.g. HMG’s ‘Ten Point plan for a green revolution’, the Climate Committee’s 6th Carbon Budget, and all the NGO’s campaigns running up to COP26. You need never complain of lack of information on climate action again! Don’t be overwhelmed I suggest but be informed of what you need to be effective in whatever corner you are active in!
Mark Hancock Jan 2021