Transition Time Machine: Imagine 2030 at Trifest 2021

As part of our Imagine St Denys and Imagine Bitterne Park projects, we took our magical Transition Time Machine to the Trifest festival in Riverside Park. Residents who entered were asked to close their eyes as they travelled to the future and arrived in 2030. Following a very smooth journey through the space time continuum, passengers opened their eyes to describe what they saw. What are our communities like? What do they sound like? What can you smell? What has changed? Here’s what people experienced:

Here’s a summary of some of the things our intrepid time travellers experienced when they visited 2030:

Our communities in 2030

  • Lots of life and community activities in the park
  • Friendly community minded neighbourhood with quite skies
  • No homelessness, no people with duvets sleeping in shop doorways
  • The city is more inclusive city
  • Everyone will have a home
  • People being friendly and feeling safe, like they belong

Our Spaces in 2030

  • Solar panels on all of the roof tops
  • Colourful vibrant green spaces
  • Many people on their bikes with lots of bike routes around us
  • Lots of people on their bikes
  • Car-free neighbourhoods and environments
  • More trees, less traffic, more open spaces
  • Fewer cars on the street
  • A car free environment
  • There aren’t many cars as it’s healthier to walk and bicycles
  • No more plastic pollution
  • No more global warming

What do you see when you imagine a better Bitterne Park? Tell us here!

Thank you to everyone who made the trip!